mission, vision, values
research / positioning
naming / logo creation
brand strategy / design

Loan Readiness

messaging development
web / UI/UX brand design
brand-book creation
collateral / presentation

LoanGurus, (the client’s working name) came to us for a complete brand development, excluding naming. However after Venthio conducted name research, we discovered a ™ conflict and notified the client. This required a new name development at warp speed. We continued with brand research, strategy and a buildout that exceeded all client expectations at warp-speed.

“Venthio really did the impossible. From brand strategy, messaging and positioning, to an amazing name (5 letter pure .com) in 13 days, to meeting all the deadlines for a comprehensive brand build that included UX/UI brand design theme for our app, the were incredibly fast and responsive. Best branding agency I’ve ever worked with.”
Joshua Crabbe | Dir. of Mktg, Uqual. The loan readiness company.