Dean Del Sesto
Dean Del Sesto
Chief Creative

favorite quote:

Contentment isn’t the absence of difficult things in life, but the integration of things so valuable, there’s no time to think of the difficult.

brand philosophy:

If you don’t make waves, you’ll drown in the calm.

why I come to work:

In a word…fulfillment. I get to stratify, create and collaborate with clients and crew. And on many occasions, in fact most, I get to leave meetings feeling a little like a superhero. I’ll never say that out loud, but if I were forced to name that guy…I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.

biggest career achievement:

Made one client near $900 million with a $50 million dollar investment over a 5-year relationship.


My faith, my wife, sports cars and motorcycles, great wine, mentoring, speaking, and writing – books, thought provoking quotes and client work.